Silicone-Free Lubrication Process

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TriboGlide - A Silicone-Free Lubrication SystemSilicone-Free Lubrication Systems

Plasma Syringe SchematicCoating/Production Process

The TriboGlide® process utilizes an Atmospheric Plasma technique to instantaneously crosslink the perfluoropolyether lubricant applied to the syringe barrel. The atmospheric Gas Plasma is ignited using a dielectric barrier discharge and an inert gas such as helium or argon. The syringe barrel is used as a dielectric separating the two electrodes.

A strong electric field is applied to ignite the plasma which interacts with the perfluoropolyether material applied to the syringe barrel and crosslinks it in less than a second.

The TriboGlide® process includes three basic steps that are scalable for high volume production.

IVEK Sonicair Precision dispensing TechnologyStep 1: The area of the part to be coated is pre-treated with an Atmospheric Plasma. This pretreatment cleans and activates the surface so that it is receptive to the lubricant that is sprayed in the next step.

Step 2: Precision application of the lubrication fluid. In this step, IVEK precision dispensing technology is used to accurately atomize the fluid and create a uniform coating.

Step 3: The final step crosslinks the coating to the part again using an Atmospheric Plasma Field. This both immobilizes the coating and improves the lubricant's performance.

During the final plasma treatment setup, the TriboGlide® Optical Detection System records the plasma emission spectrum (wavelength and intensity profile), which corresponds to the unique chemical signature of the plasma environment. This characteristic emission spectrum provides confirmation that the coating has been applied and treated. The system also offers a real-time precision measurement and data archive tool for each part processed.

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