Silicone-Free Lubrication Process

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TriboGlide Silicone-free lubricant
Silicone-Free Lubrication Systems
Pre-filled Syringes now possibleA Silicone Free Lubrication Process

TriboFilm Research Inc.and IVEK Corporation are pleased to introduce TriboGlide®, a silicone-free lubrication system for medical device and pharmaceutical applications. This revolutionary system offers a superior, inert and immobilized lubrication alternative to current siliconization methods. The Technology utilizes patent pending Perfluoropolyether chemistry, crosslinked through an Atmospheric Plasma Immobilization™ process. The process can be fully integrated to full-scale production platforms and offers a 100% parts / inspection procedure for improved quality control.
TriboGlide® is the trademark of TriboFilm Research, Inc.
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