Silicone-Free Lubrication Process

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TriboGlide - A Silicone-Free Lubrication System Silicone-Free Lubrication Systems

Silicone vs TriboGlide®

Silicone Lubricant

The videos compare the performance of a 10ml polypropylene IV Flush Prefilled syringe mounted on a syringe pump at an infusion rate of 1ml/min. The standard Silicone lubricated syringe demonstrates inconsistent stick-slip performance at this infusion rate whereas the TriboGlide® syringe demonstrates consistent and controlled fluid delivery. In case of the silicone lubricated syringe operating at slow speeds, the compressive forces between the stopper and barrel squeeze out the mobile lubricant resulting in a lubricant contact with the lubricant rich area where the friction force is less and results in a rapid movement. This is called "Stick-Slip" or "Sticktion" which is also shown in the force curve below.

TriboGlide® eliminates or minimizes problems associated with silicone: Among lubricants, Silicone oil has one of the lowest Cohesive Energy Densities (a measure of intermolecular forces that keep the molecules together). Hence, silicone oil tends to migrate and can be a source of contamination. Perfluoropolyether, the precursor for TriboGlide® has a higher Cohesive Energy Density, thus reducing the tendency to migrate. Additionally, the Atmospheric Plasma Immobilization™ crosslinks the PFPE lubricant onto the syringe barrel resulting in lower Extractible in the drug. The crosslinked lubricant also results in lower break-free and extrusion forces.

Benefits Over Silicone Oil

  • TriboGlide® overcomes inconsistent device performance due to lubricant migration.
  • Reduces particulates in the drug medium
  • Increased stability of biological drugs.
  • Lower adsorption and degradation of proteins.
  • Low break-free forces.
  • Prevents silicone contamination issues within manufacturing facilities.

Key Technical Properties of TriboGlide®

  • Compatible with glass and plastic syringe materials such as COC & polypropylene.
  • Can be sterilized by steam, ETO, and gamma radiation.
  • TriboGlide® is compatible with in-line manufacturing speeds and is easily scalable (process time of ~ 1 second).

Slip Graph

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