Silicone-Free Lubrication Process

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TriboGlide - A Silicone-Free Lubrication SystemSilicone-Free Lubrication Systems

IVEK Sonicair Precision dispensing TechnologyApplications

TriboGlide® can be applied to a wide variety of applications in the Medical Device Field as well as general industry. Applications where low friction forces are desired, using an inert, immobile lubricant system are appropriate. The following is a partial list:

  • Barrel Syringe Manufacturing (Plastic or COC)
  • Glass Syringe Lines for Prefilled Insulin
  • Glass Bottles & Specialty Chemistry Containers of High Value and/or Controlled Dose fluid can benefit from this technology.
  • Films that prevent wetting of the glass surface will reduce residual fluid in container.
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Contrast Media Market
  • Radioactive and Specialty Chemistries
  • Syringe Pump Components
  • Stoppers
  • Vial Coating
  • Electronic Leads & Contacts
  • Mechanical Valves, Ceramic Valves, Medical Valves
  • Mold Release Applications
  • Needle Lubrication
  • Catheter Lubrication
  • Plastic Threaded Components & Caps
  • Surgical Shields
  • Surgical Probes
  • Endoscope Lubrication
  • Elastomer Seals and/or Gaskets for Medical Devices
  • Surgical Cameras
  • Needle-free Access Valves

TriboGlide® is the trademark of TriboFilm Research, Inc.
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