Silicone-Free Lubrication Process

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TriboGlide - A Silicone-Free Lubrication System Silicone-Free Lubrication Systems

IVEK Sonicair Precision dispensing TechnologyAbout TriboFilm Research Inc.
& IVEK Corporation

TriboFilm Research LogoTriboFilm Research, Inc. owns the right to license the TriboGlide® Technology for all end-use applications. TriboFilm Resarch, Inc. based in Raleigh, NC, is a one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial research incubator with material scientists, chemists and engineers from diverse industries including medical devices, semiconductor materials processing, and textile chemistry. TriboFilm applied for and received a National Institute of Health (NIH) grant to develop a replacement lubricant for silicone oil for medical devices. This research grant has funded the R&D effort, and is evidence of NIH's understanding of the significant problems with silicone oil lubrication.

IVEK CorporationIVEK Corporation has the exclusive license to manufacture coating equipment used in TriboGlide® Technology and also shares the responsibility for all sales and marketing efforts. IVEK Corporation is an ISO-9001:2000 registered manufacturer of precision liquid dispensing and metering systems. IVEK focuses on providing the ultimate in performance and reliability for the most demanding applications. Core technology includes precision ceramic dispense heads that offer high accuracy and excellent reliability under the demands of high volume production. With its development of precision atomizing nozzles to create uniform coatings, IVEK is a leader in silicone oil dispensing for medical devices and drug delivery systems.

Together, our combined expertise provides our customers with a solid and reliable method of utilizing this superior lubrication platform.

TriboGlide® is the trademark of TriboFilm Research, Inc.
Inquire about using TriboGlide® by calling (800) 356-4746